Lightning Nodes: Definition & How To Kick Your Transactions Into Warp Speed (2023)

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Tired of the ever increasing privacy invasiveness of the financial and banking systems together with its sluggish pace of transactions? Sick of dealing with 2% payment processing charges or it taking weeks to receive your customers money?

Buckle up because running your own Lightning Node is your ticket to instant payment nirvana that transforms any PC into a powerhouse, enabling you to seamlessly send, receive and route LN payments all around the world instantly, with full final settlement, for free!

What Is A Lightning Node?

A Lightning Node (also sometimes called a Lightning Network Node or a LN Node) is just a computer that runs special software that allows it to connect to the Lightning Network. It can send and receive Lightning payments as well as route other peoples through it.

For example, you could use one linked to your Lightning Wallet to purchase a coffee if the store accepted Lightning as a payment method.

What Is The Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network
A Bitcoin Lightning Payment traveling over the Lightning Network

The Bitcoin Lightning Network is a decentralized network of nodes that sits on top of the base, Bitcoin Network. This Layer 2 network as it’s often called allows for instant, near zero fee, high volume payments all without having to involve trusted third parties like banks or payments processor like Visa or Master Card.

How Does A Lightning Network Node Work?

The Lightning Network is made up of thousands of privately owned nodes and wallets. Each node opens one or more Lightning Channels with other nodes allowing them to send and receive payments too each other near instantly.

To take part in the Lightning Network you must either connect to or run your own Lightning Network Node and open up a lightning channel with another node on the network. To setup a node you can either run a normal computer and install Lightning protocol software on it or use software packages like Umbrel that come with it already pre-configured.

What Are Lightning Payment Channels?

Lightning channels are the connections between Lightning Network Nodes. They are linked back to the Bitcoin Network with transactions on the Bitcoin Blockchain which lock up a certain amount of bitcoin funds in a two-party, Multisignature Bitcoin Address.

While the details behind these channels can get quite technical, it enables the network to route individual payments from one node to another just like your data gets routed through the Internet.

Some liken it to opening a bar tab. You and the bar owner open a tab for, say, $100 and over the night there might be 10 transactions of $8 per beer. At the end of the night the tab is closed and you receive $20 back to make both parties even ($100 – $8 x 10 = $20).

Lightning payment channels also allow other users to securely route their payments through your node, which is called payment routing. As the operator of your node, you can chose to charge them transaction fees for this service.

Why Run A Lightning Node?

Umbrel Lightning Node Example
Umbrel’s Excellent Lightning Node App

To Pay For Personal Goods & Services: You can send and receive lightning transactions using your own funds from your own private device. While you can do this using other nodes that are custodial, it’s always better to use your own hardware and self-custody bitcoin.

To Increase Your Security & Privacy: As noted in our Advanced Bitcoin Security and Advanced Bitcoin Privacy guides, running your own full node gives you the best level of security and privacy. It’s your node, running the code you choose and no one can take that away from you, spy on you or feed you false information. This is the same when interacting with the Lightning network as it allows every transaction to be fully under your control with maximum privacy.

To Accept Customer Lighting Payments As A Business: You can accept both Bitcoin and Lightning payments from anyone, anywhere in the world at any time, instantly with full final settlement. You can receive payments for a business you run, accept donations like we do or do anything else that involves sending or receiving payments. You’re your own bank and payments processor now!

To Be An “Uncle Jim” Bank For Friends & Family: Using LNDHub you can setup your friends and family with their own Lighting Wallets that connects directly to your node. This gives them the best privacy and security without them having to run their own nodes and allows you to become a bank with “customers” that send and receive transactions through your bank.

To Route Other Payments & Earn Passive Income: For more robust and powerful nodes with reliable and fast internet connections you can configure it to route other lightning nodes payments and charge fees for this service. Lightning Node Profitability isn’t trivial though and our recommendation is that you should think hard about whether you’re willing to put in the many months of learning and experimentation required to (hopefully) turn a profit one day.

To Test, Learn Or Develop On The Lightning Network: Through setting up and managing the Lightning Node you will gain experience and understanding of both the Bitcoin and Lightning network. This could be used to help others, get a job in the industry, build a new feature or app for the lighting network or just expand your knowledge.

Who Builds The Lightning Network Software?

Currently there’s three main companies that code and maintain various lightning network software stacks. Each of these are compatible with the Lightning protocol meaning that using one of them doesn’t lock you into their platform forever:


What Are The Requirements For A Lightning Node?

Requirements depend on what you’ll be using your Lightning Network Node for. If you’re just making irregular personal purchases then any old computer or Raspberry Pi with at least 8 GB of RAM is fine. For serious nodes it’s recommended you use a modern PC with a decent CPU and 16 GB+ RAM. It should also have a UPS and highly reliable Internet connection.

What Is The Difference Between Bitcoin And Lightning Nodes?

Bitcoin is the base layer on which the Lightning Network operates on top of. Both Bitcoin Nodes and Lightning Nodes use the bitcoin cryptocurrency and there are other node types such as Mining Nodes that produce blocks and receive block rewards for this service.

How Do I Setup A Lightning Network Node?

We have a full beginner’s guide available on How To Build A Sexy Umbrel Node For $300. This will get you a simple, user friendly, low cost and low powered lightning node that you can experiment with as well as make and receive your own lightning payments on.

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