Latest Crypto Wallet Reviews

D'CENT Wallet

D’CENT Biometric Wallet Review 2023: Pros, Cons and How It Compares

In the highly competitive world of crypto wallets, the D’CENT Wallet is a cautionary tale. Discover why it’s the black sheep in our latest review
Foundation Passport Review

Foundation Passport Review 2023: Pros, Cons and How It Compares

Unleash the nostalgia with our Foundation Passport Review. An open source, cutting-edge crypto wallet that puts your bitcoin in cold storage in style

Cypherock X1 Review 2023: Pros, Cons and How It Compares

Tired of sleepless nights worrying about your crypto’s safety and seed backups? Discover the Cypherock X1, a crypto wallet that’s as easy as tap and go

Latest Crypto Wallet Education

Lost Bitcoin

Lost Bitcoin: A Digital Treasure Hunt With Riches Beyond All Imagination

In the world of crypto, a treasure hunt like no other awaits! Dive into the enigma to find old Lost Bitcoin and unlock riches beyond imagination
Multisig Wallet

What Is A Multisig Wallet (Multisignature) & How To Create One (2023)

Multisig Wallets create an impenetrable fortress for your digital assets, enabling you to sleep better at night plus access awesome new features too!
Coin Control

Coin Control: Definition, Examples & How It Can Save You Heaps On Fees (2023)

Understanding Coin Control will help you protect your privacy, save you heaps on transaction fees and ensure you’re ready for the Bitcoin future

UTXO Model: Definition, How It Works & Why It’s Critical (2023)

While UTXOs can be hard to understand, they let Bitcoin do things legacy finance could only dream of such as being fully auditable and transparent
Connect Sparrow Wallet To Electrum

How To Connect Sparrow Wallet To Electrum And Get Better Privacy For Free (2023)

In this quick and simple guide we show you how to Connect Sparrow Wallet To Electrum and improve your privacy without spending a single Satoshi!
Sparrow Wallet

Sparrow Wallet: Ultimate Quick Start Guide For Beginners (2023)

Sparrow Wallet is an industry leading Bitcoin only desktop wallet. Learn how to take full self custody of your bitcoins with this simple step-by-step guide
How To Protect Your Bitcoin Private Key

How To Protect Your Bitcoin Private Key (2023)

You can store literally infinite wealth in a Bitcoin Wallet… but it all means nothing if you don’t know How To Protect Your Bitcoin Private Key
What Is A Bitcoin Wallet

What Is A Bitcoin Wallet? A Guide To Keep Your Funds Safe (2023)

What Is A Bitcoin Wallet? We go through all the important information you need to know that could one day save you from losing all your funds
How To Transfer Bitcoin To Another Wallet

How To Transfer Bitcoin To Another Wallet: Safely & Privately (2023)

There’s meany reasons someone might want to move to a new wallet. Learn how to transfer bitcoin to another wallet safely and privately in this quick guide


What Is A Hardware Crypto Wallet?

There’s no globally accepted standard or definition of what constitutes a Hardware Wallet. They can take almost endless shapes and forms, however the most common ones allow the user to generate and store their Private Keys, display receive addresses for confirmation and sign new transactions for spending. This is usually done on dedicated hardware separate from any other computer or phone.

Why Should You Use A Hardware Crypto Wallet?

If you have funds that are more than what you’re willing to lose, typically anything more than pocket change, then we heavily recommend you purchase a Hardware Wallet as part of our Advanced Bitcoin Security. Hardware Crypto Wallets are cheap ($50+ USD), easy to setup and use and ensure that your Private Key is never exposed to an insecure computer or the Internet. This dramatically increases your security and is the only true way to safely store your bitcoins.

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