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CEO & Founder

Alpha oversees all content and company vision. A veteran educator with over a decade of experience in the mortgage and financial industry, they’ve now transitioned to focus only on Bitcoin. They have studied Bitcoin for over half a decade and instantly recognised its incredible potential to transform and help people thanks to their Telecommunications Network Engineering and IT degrees.


James Anthony

International Tax & Financial Specialist

James is a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) and Chartered Accountant (CA) that’s studied in Australia and at Oxford in London. He reviews all financial advice and tax content before publishing to ensure it meets the highest level of quality and accuracy. He also provides tax advisory services to high net worth individuals, families and businesses including structuring, trusts, CGT, asset protection and estate planning.

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Brad Sebastian

Full Stack Developer

Brad manages the front end website as well as the back end infrastructure and code. After spending years in an ordinary (and thoroughly dull) blue chip software company, he’s now dedicated to building the Athena Alpha App that delivers private financial tracking integrated with Bitcoin.



Narrow AI Compute Node

Prometheus is a 50 TFLOPS compute node consisting of 32 CPU cores and over 9,000 CUDA cores. It assists with dozens of functions including generating content voice overs, images, content ideas as well as hosting all machines used to demonstrate Bitcoin Wallet, Node and Lightning Network Apps.

Principles Of Bitcoin

You shall not inflate, you shall not confiscate, you shall not counterfeit.

  • Fungible: All sats shall be equal and equally spendable
  • Pseudonymous: No ID shall be required to own or use Bitcoin
  • No Censorship: Nobody shall prevent valid transactions from being confirmed
  • 21 Million Coins: The monetary asset shall not be debased via inflation or counterfeiting
  • Permissionless: No gatekeepers shall ever prevent anybody from participating in the Bitcoin network
  • FOSS: Bitcoin source code shall always be Free and Open Source Software for anyone to read, modify, copy or share
  • Irreversible: Confirmed transactions shall be set in stone, immutable and unchangeable. No bailouts or chargebacks

The Master Plan

You’re stuck in a demeaning job, stressed, but earning some monies. You want to hit your milestones, to be more financially stable and secure but a lot of things like large student or CC debts, the economy constantly collapsing around you, insane house prices and inflation are holding you down.

So what do?

  1. Subscribe (of course!)
  2. Learn How Bitcoin Works. Learn What A Bitcoin Is, the core technologies behind it and why Bitcoin is such a ground breaking invention like no other. We have step by step Guides to get you off the ground, Bitcoin Books a Bitcoin Glossary and more. You just have to take action!
  3. Increase Your Wealth. Learn how to Buy Bitcoin, where to buy Bitcoin from, what a Bitcoin Wallet is and which ones are the best and worst
  4. Become A Sovereign Individual. Become Bitcoin and learn how to increase your Bitcoin Privacy and Bitcoin Security, How To Protect Your Bitcoin Private Key and more
  5. Continuous Learning. The world isn’t static, so to make it you can’t be either. We’ll keep you informed on how Bitcoin is shifting the playing fields and the best ways to take advantage of them and more

We believe that building wealth should be available to all, not just rich white males. We believe in equality, community, decentralisation and transparency. All things that Bitcoin embraces. We’ll help you get the best Bitcoin information out there, to build generational wealth and fight Wealth Inequality making you safer and more financially stable in the future. Most importantly, Don’t Trust, Verify.

The Different Levels

Understanding Bitcoin is a journey, so in order to help welcome different people at different levels all posts and newsletters are helpfully tagged into one of three levels: Beginner, Advanced and Expert.

These different levels also help ensure those that aren’t ready for Expert topics aren’t confused and scared away just as those that are too advanced for Beginner topics aren’t bored and leave. For a more detailed outline on exactly what each of these levels are and importantly what abilities you should master before progressing onto the next check out: Understanding Bitcoin: The Irresistible Journey.

Why Subscribe

Let’s address this right up front, the writing tone for Athena Alpha is honest, entertaining and fun 🥳… but often analytical and blunt. Many try to sugar coat things to hide their inexperience on a topic, you’ll get none of that here. We’re truthful, transparent and straight talking. While sometimes abrasive, this increases clarity and ensures you’re never wasting precious time doing something wrong.

Our core content is on Bitcoin, specifically what Bitcoin is, how to Buy Bitcoin, how to use Bitcoin Wallets and how to use and store your bitcoins for generational wealth. Many of your peers are already using Bitcoin, you just going to sit there and miss out on the greatest wealth transfer in human history over the next 10 years? Of course not.

Maybe you’re not sure what Bitcoin really is or how it works. Maybe you’re not aware of all the amazing things Bitcoin is useful for and want to learn how to get ahead with it. If you have a business – especially an online one – you can learn how Bitcoin can help you save thousands in fees whilst preserving your customer privacy all while you get paid faster.

Are you struggling to understand all the terminology and technology? Bitcoin is very different to what you’re used to and many just give up as they think it’s too complicated. Or maybe you just don’t know where to start. Subscribe to the free newsletter and get general overview pieces about what Bitcoin is, how to buy bitcoin, what the best types of Bitcoin wallets are – and which ones to avoid! – and how to best set them up for your security and privacy level.

This is excellent for those who are just starting out or who aren’t really aware of all the amazing new capabilities Bitcoin already enables out there or that are going mainstream over this decade. We find it helps members increase their confidence in owning and using Bitcoin which in turn reduces the stresses they have over money problems, debts or a stable and positive future. Some even report they feel sexier!

Definitely learnt things I wouldn’t have known – Nava V

Accurate, easy to follow and basically all you need – Jabu K

They put everything very simply, following a logical order which is very applicable in practice – Carlos S