Bitcoin was built to remove trusted third parties “don’t trust”, which is why we have multiple layers to ensure you can not only verify (and get rewarded) yourself, but have other Bitcoin experts help verify our content too


Internal Review

Each piece of content is reviewed by multiple experts

When we write our content, we don’t just smash out whatever’s on our mind and hit publish. Not only do we use our decades of network, engineering and scientific knowledge to understand and vet potential sources, we do a deep dive into the topic to ensure we take in a wide variety of high and low level data. We also ensure that the data is as up to date as possible and that old content is regularly updated as Bitcoin is an incredibly fast changing environment.

After the content is produced, we then perform further internal reviews for errors or omissions. For general purpose content we have editors double check the information and for all financial advice and tax content we have our International Tax & Financial Specialist review them to ensure it meets the highest level of quality and accuracy. The vetting process doesn’t end there though.

Peer Review

We verify all our content with leading Bitcoin experts to ensure accuracy and peer consensus

From the people actively developing Bitcoin applications to those who literally invented core parts of Bitcoin, our Peer Review comes from a wide array of fields and companies all focused around Bitcoin. They are the people that build and work with Bitcoin on a daily basis and they ensure that all content is as accurate as possible. Some of our reviewers include:

Athena Alpha Favicon
Veteran educator of all things finance, Telco Engineer, Computer Hardware & Software specialist, Optics Scientist. CEO & Founder Athena Alpha
Adam Back
Cypherpunk, cryptographer, privacy/ecash, inventor hashcash (used in Bitcoin mining) PhD Comp Sci. Co-Founder/CEO Blockstream
Giacomo Zucco Twitter Profile Picture
Giacomo Zucco
Bitcoin educator, entrepreneur, consultant. Currently involved it: BHB NEtwork, LNP/BP Association, Lightning Ventures, Gayser, Breez, xsats, Satsback.
₿itcoin Q+A
My name is QnA. I am a Bitcoiner and I like to help other Bitcoiners. I spend my days building Bitcoin-centric sovereignty tools at Foundation.

Error Bounty

Earn sats finding our errors!


We know that even experts sometimes miss things, so we offer an ongoing, paid Error Bounty program that anyone, anywhere can participate in to help find, fix and improve our content.

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Find An Error

Help us identify inaccuracies or out of date content


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Get Paid Anonymously

If accepted, send us a Lightning Invoice and we’ll pay the reward

Accepted / Not Accepted Error Examples

  • Accepted: Things that have changed over time. For example, if we have stated that a Hardware Wallet doesn’t support X feature but now they do
  • Accepted: Misunderstandings of core principals. For example, if we have stated that Miners “validate transactions” when in reality they don’t
  • Accepted: Factually wrong things with supporting evidence. For example, if we have stated that there are 22 million bitcoins when in reality there will only ever be slightly less than 21 million
  • Not Accepted: Spelling or grammatical errors. Everyone makes spelling mistakes, we’re more than happy to receive these errors and fix them, but no Error Bounty reward will be given
  • Not Accepted: Things that are opinions, not facts. For example, if you think Ethereum is way better than Bitcoin this is your opinion, not a fact and so no Error Bounty reward would be given
  • Not Accepted: Claimed errors with no supporting evidence. For example, if you claim that Bitcoin in fact has 22 million coins but don’t provide any supporting evidence to prove your claims, no Error Bounty reward would be given