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Getting Started With Crypto Investing

What Is A Bitcoin Worth

What Is A Bitcoin Worth? The Perfect Money (2024)

What Is A Bitcoin Worth? While it might seem like a straight forward question, it’s a lot more important than you think, especially for long term investors!
Lightning Network

Lightning Network: What Is It, How It Works & How To Invest In It (2024)

The Bitcoin Lightning Network allows for instant, near zero fee, high volume micropayments using bitcoins, all without having to involve trusted third parties
Bitcoin Price Prediction

A Bullish Bitcoin Price Prediction For 2024

Unlocking our crypto crystal ball, we’re going in depth into what our Bitcoin Price Predictions are for 2024 and spoiler: it’s looking amazing!
Why Is Bitcoin So Volatile

Why Is Bitcoin So Volatile & Will It Ever Be Stable? (2023)

Why is Bitcoin so volatile? There’s a few reasons, but it’s not because there’s anything wrong with Bitcoin and in fact, volatility is to be expected!
Bitcoin Stock To Flow

Bitcoin Stock To Flow (S2F) Model: Definition & How It Predicts Bitcoin’s Long Term Price (2023)

The Bitcoin Stock To Flow Chart is a simple, yet powerful chart that helps to reveal where the BTC price might go far into the future
Bitcoin Vs Gold

Bitcoin Vs Gold: Which Is A Better Investment In 2023?

Bitcoin Vs Gold? Should you go with the classic choice or the new disruptor? Get ready to pick your side as it’s not just about ancient values

Calculators & Tools

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Satoshi To USD

Satoshi To USD Calculator & Converter (2024)

Convert Satoshi into dozens of other fiat currencies with our Satoshi Calculator tool. Also get conversion tables and recommended exchanges to buy
How Many Bitcoins Are There

How Many Bitcoins Are There & How The 21 Million Limit Is Enforced (2024)

How Many Bitcoins Are There? It’s a simple enough question, but it changes every few minutes, so get the latest figure with our handy live tool
Bitcoin Calculator

Bitcoin Calculator: Easily Convert Bitcoin (BTC) To US Dollar (USD) & More!

Convert Bitcoin into dozens of other fiat currencies with our Bitcoin Calculator tool. Also get conversion tables and recommended exchanges to buy
Hash Rate Calculator

Hash Rate Calculator: Convert Hash to kH/s to MH/s to GH/s to TH/s to PH/s to EH/s to ZH/s (2024)

Use our handy Hash Rate Calculator tool to convert and compare different hashrates and get a true size of how powerful the Bitcoin network is
Market Cap Calculator

Market Cap Calculator: How To Calculate Cryptocurrency Market Cap (2024)

Get the best Market Cap Calculator tool specifically built for cryptocurrencies that also teaches you what to watch out for and why

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Investing FAQs

What Is A Hardware Crypto Wallet?

There’s no globally accepted standard or definition of what constitutes a Hardware Wallet. They can take almost endless shapes and forms, however the most common ones allow the user to generate and store their Private Keys, display receive addresses for confirmation and sign new transactions for spending. This is usually done on dedicated hardware separate from any other computer or phone.

Why Should You Use A Hardware Crypto Wallet?

If you have funds that are more than what you’re willing to lose, typically anything more than pocket change, then we heavily recommend you purchase a Hardware Wallet as part of our Advanced Bitcoin Security. Hardware Crypto Wallets are cheap ($50+ USD), easy to setup and use and ensure that your Private Key is never exposed to an insecure computer or the Internet. This dramatically increases your security and is the only true way to safely store your bitcoins.

What Is Exit Liquidity Crypto?

While exit liquidity has a legacy financial meaning, in crypto it usually refers to the poor retail investors that are tricked into buying worthless coins or tokens from the founders or early investors as they exit their positions into cash. This leaves the new investors with worthless assets

Can You Earn Passive Income Running A Lightning Node?

Yes and no. While the income you earn through routing fees on a Lighting Node might happen automatically and while you sleep, there is a large amount of manual configuration and ongoing tweaking that is required to ensure it runs smoothly.

Is Bitcoin Safe And Legal?

Bitcoin has been around since 2009 and has a few risks, just like all investments do. These risks include things like volatility, hacking, scams and regulation changes. Regarding legality, Bitcoin is legal in most countries around the world, but some like China do not allow it.