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how do i buy bitcoin stock?

Bitcoin is not a stock or company. In fact, Bitcoin has no CEO, shares, governing body or owner of any type. Instead it is an open, permission-less network just like the Internet is. To “buy bitcoin” you need to exchange something for bitcoins, the token that is used on the Bitcoin network. You can do this through Crypto Exchanges or a Bitcoin ETF.

Is Bitcoin Money?

Yes. Bitcoin today is mainly used as a store of value, that is, it’s used to store monetary value over time. For most people though, “money” is usually referred to the thing that we transact with, this function of money is called a Medium Of Exchange.

Can I Buy BTC With USD?

Yes. You can buy bitcoin with virtually any fiat currency, including USD, from dozens of exchanges all around the world. We recommend only using well know non-KYC Crypto Exchanges as these provide you the most secure, private way of buying your funds.

What Will BTC Be Worth In 2030?

According to one of the most popular forecasting charts, the Bitcoin Rainbow Chart, on the 1st of Jan, 2030 it predicts a range of between $127,000 and $1,184,000 USD. Obviously though, historic performance is no guarantee of future performance and you should always consult a financial planner before investing in any asset.

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