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Many have now lost their entire life savings because they saw Sam and FTX as a safe bet and they believed in him.

Rekt investor in FTX

You’ve seen the news headlines. You probably know someone that’s lost money – if not their life savings – in crypto already. The famous FTX ($10b+) collapse also isn’t a once off thing either, it’s happened with Celsius ($1.2b), Three Arrows Capital ($3.5b), Voyager ($1.3b), LUNA ($2b+) and more and that is just in 2022!

Loss of funds is a very scary and serious issue for investors and in the crypto world it’s almost the default. There’s fantastic profits to be made everywhere with jets and lambos until… everything falls off a cliff and you get rekt.

FTX Implosion Headline
FTX collapsing is just the latest in a long line. Source: Bloomberg

This fear of having an exchange collapse, getting hacked, forgetting your seed phrase or a million other possible things is top of peoples minds when they start to invest and the biggest mistake you can make is thinking it won’t happen to you.

At least $1 billion of customer funds have vanished from collapsed crypto exchange FTX

If you’re a serious investor who is looking to enter the crypto market and, like most, have this fear then Athena Alpha Pro is for you. Pro isn’t a get rich quick club that pretends you can buy some scam dog themed meme coin and then watch it “go to the moon” overnight and become a millionaire. That shit’s a complete lie and extremely hazardous to your wealth. Instead we focus on helping investors understand the fundamentals and making sure you buy, sell, use and store everything as safely as possible.

As an example, almost a full month before the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX that’s cost millions of retail investors billions of dollars, we alerted and fully outlined to our Pro subscribers why exchanges like FTX are a risk and what simple steps they can do to protect their wealth. Just this one piece of content alone helped our readers save thousands of dollars!

Very in-depth and well laid out covering EVERYTHING you could possibly want to know – Emerelle

So far so good. Filling me in on lots of small details that I’d not have picked up on otherwise – Robert H

Pro is written by Bitcoin experts that have decades of proven online teaching experience. With a long track record in online courses serving global customers of all ages and technical capabilities. We have taught literally hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world how to deal with their legacy finances. This experience is now being brought into the cutting-edge world of Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies to make sure you don’t get rekt. Our longstanding goal is to deliver 10 times the value of the subscription.

If you can’t commit $0.27 a day to learn how to buy, use, invest and grow wealthy, the future is bleak dude…

See for yourself: try a 30-day free trial and receive our Pro newsletter as it’s published, as well as access to the full archives. People will waste thousands on trips, booze, clothes, dog coins etc all while complaining they can’t get ahead. $50K on degrees that barely increase their earnings power? Who should I write the check to?! $100 a year to change your life forever and protect thousands of dollars worth of your hard earned money. Hmm is it worth the “risk”?

What Pro Includes

Pro subscribers receive a published, in depth piece once a week as well as preferential treatment when asking questions in the comments area. Having a clear understanding of what to do and how will hugely accelerate your Bitcoin journey and your future, ensuring your funds stay safu. Pro subscribers also get to request specific topics for upcoming posts allowing them to get any questions they have answered. For a pittance by comparison, Pro gives you access to everything in the Free newsletter plus:

  • Learn more about Bitcoin than 99% of people in just one hour a month
  • Secure your Bitcoin investments and ensure they stay safe from hackers
  • Know what risks your investments are exposed to and how to fix them
  • Keep pace with Bitcoins rapid growth and what opportunities it enables
  • Insights into how Bitcoin can help your business or work save thousands
  • Step-by-Step guides for all aspects of Bitcoin (wallets, buying and more)
  • How to do all of these things and maintain your privacy!
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