5 Reasons Why Bitcoiners Should Love Climate Change Activists

Athena Alpha

Too often we see Bitcoiners dunking on Climate Change Activists. Whether it’s due to their protesting tactics or the climate science itself, it’s highly counter productive for both sides. This is because both sides are actually fighting for very similar goals. Instead of fighting, we want to make the case that Bitcoiners Should Love Climate Change Activists!

As they say, united we stand, divided we fall!

Plus to make things 100% fair, we also fully investigate the other side of the coin too in 8 Reasons Why Climate Change Activists Should Love Bitcoiners

Bitcoiners Should Love Climate Change Activists

First let’s look at what each side is (in general) fighting for. We want to be as open and clear with regards to what Climate Change Activists and Bitcoiners are wanting so there’s no misunderstandings.

What Climate Change Activist Want:

  • Meaningful and immediate action to limit global temperature rise to <1.5 degrees
  • An immediate stop to new fossil fuel exploration, projects and financing
  • An immediate and orderly wind down of existing fossil fuel use
  • An end to fossil fuel subsidies and financing by big banks

What Bitcoiners Want:

  • The separation of money and state and the return to a hard currency such as Bitcoin
  • An end to central banks interference in free markets and printing endless money
  • An end to governments bailing out bankrupted industries and waging forever wars
  • An end to the unfair privilege those that are closest to the money printers get
  • An increase in financial privacy and custodial rights

Already you’ll likely notice a few similarities do to with bank banks, government spending and so on. Given these very obvious alignments, it’s always blown our minds that the two groups are constantly at each others throats!

On the Bitcoin community side (largely on Twitter) we see what they’re like when big climate news hits the scene. For whatever reasons, many otherwise fantastic Bitcoiners seem to bash and ridicule Climate Change Activists with shallow and poorly thought out arguments akin to “Bitcoin uses too much energy hurr hurr”. This reflects badly on the Bitcoin community as a whole projecting the image of an arrogant, ill informed group.

Those on the Climate Change Activists side aren’t angels either! With their constant fixation on Bitcoins energy usage and absurd demands to “change the code” they’re also projecting an image of idiocy and complete lack of understanding of Bitcoin. But instead of fighting with each other, how can we instead help each other? By working together, Bitcoiners will not only gain a helping hand, but access to a vast group of new Bitcoiners that share in some of the fundamental things that make Bitcoin great.

Beyond the fact that both sides share similar goals, there are many other ways Climate Change Activists already help the Bitcoin cause as well as help Bitcoiners in general too.

Climate Change Activists Help Self Sovereignty

Self Sovereign House In The Mountains

Chief among Bitcoiners is self sovereignty. The right to run your own Full Bitcoin Node, to take custody of your own coins and to have free speech! Well Climate Change Activists are fighting for the technologies that further strengthen this too and Bitcoins should absolutely support this more.

While previously you had to depend on “the man” for your power, heating, cooking and petrol, now you can be entirely self sovereign with an off grid solar, battery and EV setup. You can:

  • Power your house with solar panels on your roof and batteries
  • Heat your house with an electric split system or other electric heating systems
  • Cook your food with an electric oven and induction cooktop
  • Drive your EV with the power you produce via your solar panels

Together with a septic tank and a rain water system it’s now extremely easy (although mildly expensive) to build an entirely modern off grid home. Besides having to pay for Starlink Internet, you don’t have to depend on really anyone! Full self sovereignty and all these technologies are a core part of the environmentalist movement.

Climate Change Activists fighting for more renewables to be built, for more batteries to be installed and more EVs on the road directly helps reduce the costs of these amazing new technologies and helps make us all more self sovereign.

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Climate Change Activists Fight To Stop The Abuse Of Public Money

While Bitcoiners hate governments printing billions and debasing everyones money, the reckless spending of that “free money” is also pretty high on their list too. Typically the freshly printed money is used to buy government bonds, but lately it’s also being used to bail out basically every industry from private banks to the very recent private pension funds who take stupid risks with their clients money, leverage themselves up to the hilt and then fail.

Fighting right along side Bitcoiners are once again, Climate Change Activists trying to stop the huge amount of public money that goes to subsidising the fossil fuel companies. Both sides are fighting the government to be more fiscally responsible with public money. While they fight in very different ways the goal is ultimately the same and of course, a very worth while one.

Climate Change Activists Fight To Undermine The Petrodollar

Bitcoiners detest the petrodollar. They don’t like it because it causes huge issues for other countries such as that they are forced to trade in a currency that’s not their own. It also causes issues for US citizens too because it means a forever increasing amount of their taxes is directed towards the military to support it instead of preferred things like universal health care.

But what happens when every car, pickup truck, school bus or semi in the world is a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)? When every cruise ship and ferry uses batteries or hydrogen fuels cells with the hydrogen being produced via renewables? When planes are fully electric due to the huge cost advantages and jet fuel is no longer required?

This shift might take 10-30 years depending on which vehicle class we’re talking about but it will happen. It’s already well on its way. The cost advantages alone are enough of a reason not to mention the health benefits and new technology advantages. With every new electric car, bus and truck produced the reliance on oil reduces and with it, the grip the petrodollar system has on the world.

Climate Change Activists are fighting this battle every day demanding oil use is reduced and that no new oil is pulled out of the ground. The less countries use oil, the less they have to buy. The less they have to buy, the less USD they need to hold and the weaker the USD is as a reserve currency due to this system.

Climate Change Activists Fight To Stop Forever Oil Wars

Closely related to the petrodollar are forever oil wars. Funded by endlessly printing money and funnelling that into the utterly enormous US military budget, these wars go on for a decade or more all just to secure oil sources. While Bitcoiners might fight to stop the money printing, Climate Change Activists fight to stop the oil use and production. Two sides of the same coin.

Whether the world goes to a hard money source that cannot be printed or the world simply stops requiring oil for things like cars, planes or trucks the end result is the same. The stopping of these truly atrocious wars. Beyond maybe enabling the USA to finally fund public goods instead of yet another aircraft carrier, it would save millions of lives and help countless countries around the world.

Climate Change Activists Fight For A Better Future For Everyone

Beyond the many above reasons, the reduction of fossil fuel use and the fighting that Climate Change Activists do has many other exceedingly good benefits such as:

  • It makes power grids more decentralized and distributed (something core to Bitcoiners)
  • It makes everyone more resilient to climate change disasters
  • It helps provide critical funding for poorer countries to help adapt to climate change
  • It removes pollutants from the air we all breath, increasing how healthy we are
  • It enables countries to be more energy independent reducing a main reason for conflict
  • It helps decrease wealth inequality
  • It helps stop us from being obliterated by climate change

It’s not too difficult to see that pushing for more environmentally friendly, sustainable and self sovereign energy use is a huge net benefit to everyone around the world except maybe a few billionaire oil barons. There is a lot to love about Climate Change Activists and the future they fight for, just like a world backed by hard money.

The Athena Assessment

We started off by asking what each side wants. I hope it’s clear now that both fight for many similar and worthy things. Both sides are angry at the government and how they handle public money. Both sides want a bright, peaceful future for all humans. Both sides want a fair go for all inhabitants and a reduction of wealth inequality. Both sides want the right to protest, be heard and have due process of law. Both sides want to stop forever wars over oil, funded by the public.

There are so many goals that both sides are passionately fighting every day for, so why not unite for this peaceful and better future? Imagine experienced Bitcoiners helping Climate Change Activists to setup and manage their fund raisers. The privacy, efficiency and attention they could bring would be immense!

Imagine Climate Change Activists locking themselves to banks demanding that they not only stop funding fossil fuel companies, but also stop requiring KYC and monitoring all transactions. What would happen if experienced Bitcoin Mining companies were included in large renewable project roll outs?

Why aren’t Bitcoin Politicians and Climate Politicians teaming up to vote against the wasting of public money on fossil fuel subsidies or expanded military budgets? The possibilities are endless and all of them just require cooperation between two groups that should already be in near complete agreement with each other. But instead they’re fighting which is likely what the government and big oil companies want.

Well stop letting them divide us.

Let’s stand together because together we we’ll win.

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