Want to run your own full node? We can help. Learn how Bitcoin and Lightning nodes operate so you can benefit from their increased security, privacy and locally hosted applications to protect your data and investments.

Getting Started With Nodes


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Node FAQs

What Is A Bitcoin Node?

A Bitcoin Node is a computer that runs the Bitcoin Core software. This software is most commonly run as a Bitcoin Full Node which means it fully validates blocks and transactions. It also helps the Bitcoin network by receiving blocks from other full nodes, validating those blocks and the transactions inside them, and then forwarding the blocks onto other full nodes that it’s connected to.

Is Running A Bitcoin Node Safe?

Yes. In fact, running your own Full Bitcoin Node enables a greater level of privacy and security than using a third parties node. This is because if you use another persons node, they can see all your transactions and entire wallet balance. The Bitcoin Core software is also likely the most reviewed and hardened code ever made.

Do Nodes Mine Crypto?

No… and yes. Bitcoin Nodes that run the Bitcoin Core software are technically capable of Bitcoin Mining as this function has been built into it from the beginning. However, as all mining has moved to ASICs, it’s no longer feasible to mine on a node.

Does Running A Bitcoin Node Make Money?

Running a Bitcoin Node won’t bring you any profit, however running a Lightning Node can. We’ve gone into the details on Lightning Node Profitability already, so we won’t discuss it too much, but you can make money by routing other peoples payments on the Lightning Network. In order to run a Lightning Node you need to also have a Bitcoin Node for it to connect to.

What Is The Difference Between Bitcoin And Lightning Nodes?

Bitcoin is the base layer on which the Lightning Network operates on top of. Both Bitcoin Nodes and Lightning Nodes use the bitcoin cryptocurrency and there are other node types such as Mining Nodes that produce blocks and receive block rewards for this service.