This page is to help remind us all that Earth Breakdown, caused by Climate Change, is a real, immediate and huge threat to all humanity. The only way to stop it is to end fossil fuel use as quickly as possible

  • For millennia, atmospheric C02 was never above 300 ppm. We’re now well past 400 ppm [NASA]
  • Scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal [IPCC]
Earth In Climate Crisis

The heatwaves, wildfires, droughts across the world right now are happening within a “safe” climate change temperature rise of 1.2°C warming since the industrial revolution. We are on course to at least double that. We are in a climate emergency, a crisis and we all need to be acting accordingly.

We’re going to lose everything. The scientists of the world are being ignored and it’s got to stop. They’re not joking. They’re not lying. They’re not exaggerating.

Is Bitcoin Mining Bad For The Environment?

There are many versions of this concern, mainly revolving around Bitcoin Mining using up too much energy and causing too much pollution. While many of these hit pieces are factually incorrect or even totally misunderstand how Bitcoin works at a fundamental level all these arguments are moot.

Bitcoin uses energy, yes. Planes also use energy, a lot more energy and also pollute far more given the aviation industries size and where they deposit that pollution. So why are these same people not demanding we shut down all airports? The reason is obvious, it’s because millions of people – especially the rich – find flying very, very useful!

So, when various sources question Bitcoin’s energy usage what they’re really saying is “this energy use isn’t useful to me, so it should be stopped”.

These people need to check their financial privilege!

These people, often politicians or members of world legacy financial institutions like the IMF sit pretty in their first world countries with their fully developed and (mostly) stable financial systems. They have a bank account. Can get a loan anytime the want. Can earn $100 and have it still be worth pretty close to $100 the next year. However this is the exception, not the rule for the world.

87% of our planet’s population are born into autocracy or untrustworthy currencies. 4.3 billion people live under authoritarianism, and 1.2 billion people live under double- or triple-digit inflation.

Alex Gladstein

For the other 4+ billion people in our world Bitcoin is a shining beacon of hope that for many gives them their first actual bank account ever. Just imagine if you had no bank account at all. Think how that would limit your life. Think of all the things you wouldn’t be able to do. And these people have the nerve to infer that Bitcoin’s energy consumption isn’t “useful”.

Bitcoin Mining absolutely uses energy, would we prefer it to be 100% renewable energy? Of course. Although it’s already further towards this goal than the vast majority of other industries on Earth, including America and the legacy financial system!

But just like planes and food production that all uses far more energy, Bitcoin provides a core, vital service for literally billions of people all around the planet that have never had free, open source money that they can use without it being debased or banned or seized by their government.

It stops peoples life savings being inflated away in Nigeria. It allows remittance for free and in seconds for millions in El Salvador. It helps refugees of Ukraine flee their war torn country without being robbed of all their money on the way.

So yes, unfortunately Bitcoin Mining does use a lot of energy and causes pollution. But the answer isn’t to ban it, the answer is to end fossil fuels because once that’s done, Bitcoin will be 100% renewable and still continue to provide critical, basic financial services to everyone on the planet.

If you’d like more in depth information on this, look no further than the fantastic Nik Carter.


Climate Crisis Consequences

The consequences of increasing Earth Breakdown is different depending on where you live, but there are many common threads. Below are the best predictions made by the latest IPCC Climate Change 2022 Impacts Report.

INCREASED RISK (0.5°C+) – 2001
Hotter, Drier Weather Increases, More Drought, Increased Ecosystem And Species Loss, Slight Increase In Natural Disasters, Increased Pressure On Emergency Services, Water/Petrol/Food/Power Prices Increase Steadily And Become More Volatile
INCREASED RISK (1°C+) – 2020
Climate Refugees Start, Even Hotter Weather And Huge Fires, Failing Crops, Major Pressure On Emergency Services, Prices Of Water/Petrol/Food Surge Randomly With Disasters
DANGEROUS RISK (1.5°C+) – 2030
Climate Refugees Intensify, Increased Crop Failure And Fires, Food Prices Sporadically Surge, Emergency Services Periodically Fail, Carbon-Cycle Feedbacks Begin, 50°C Summer Days
DANGEROUS RISK (2°C+) – 2040-2060
Climate Refugees Intensify, Increased Crop Failure And Fires, Water/Food Prices Extremely Volatile, Emergency Services Continuously Fail, Carbon-Cycle Feedbacks Intensify
Outright Chaos, Major Coastal Cities Gone, Billions Of Climate Refugees, Huge Crop Failure And Fires, Water/Food Prices Skyrocket, Emergency Services Collapse, Carbon-Cycle Feedbacks Skyrocket, Tipping Points Likely, 15% Ecosystems Loss
Human Life All But Eradicated, 80%-90% Global Human Population Loss, Adaptation Likely Impossible, Devastating To Majority Of Ecosystems, High Probability Of Climate Being Unstable, Carbon-Cycle Feedbacks Accelerate, Tipping Points Certain

When scientists say we will lose everything they are not spreading doom and gloom, these are the best predictions from thousands of expertly trained climate scientists the world over.